GYFT is the small abbreviated form of Garments, Yarn, Fabric and Textile. We first incorporated our business with textile products, like Cotton Yarn & export quality Fabrics in domestic market. With the passage of time we have spread our wings to more various products like steel casting, boiler materials, raw cotton, Garments, Fabric etc  and it is our great pleasure that we have reached a stage where our customers trust our reliability and find our services par excellence. For any query related to this page, please send us a mail through the following form. We will get back to you as soon as possible!

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ill titleDifferent Types of Cotton Yarn

Cotton yarns are widely used in world's textile industry. It has a wide application in Garment industry. Since, it is most important of all natural fibres, we are also set to deliver Cotton yarns with a specilization & expertise with no close match in this industry. Prepared from the finest cotton of India, we assure you that this yarn meets all your requirements. Our Yarns are produced in some of the finest cotton mills of India with state of the art technology.
We are manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of different type of regular & specialized yarns for knitting and weaving. We offer 100% ring spun cotton yarn – The most widely-used natural fiber, highly-versatile cotton is known for its strength and comfort and is used in an amazingly wide variety of textile materials:
Ring Spun Combed Yarn – For all of your knitting and weaving needs, our cotton ring spun combed yarn is available in a variety of counts. Our medium ring spun combed yarns are the preferred choice of circular knitters and hosiery manufacturers worldwide. Our fine ring spun combed yarns, produced with the world’s finest cottons, are used in higher-end sheeting and shirting fabrics. Counts range: 20/S combed to 36/S combed
Ring Spun Carded Yarn – Used for knitting and weaving, we offer a complete range of coarse to fine yarn counts. Producing cotton ring spun carded yarn of unmatched quality. Counts range: 16/S carded to 32/S carded.
Poly Cotton Blended Yarn in Combed and Carded – Among our most popular yarn products, we have a complete stock of all types of both combed and cotton poly-cotton blends.
Core Spun Yarn – This type of yarn is made by twisting fibers around a filament. Core spun yarn consists of two elements, a spun fiber and a second material, typically spandex (or Lycra) in the case of cotton and viscose. Uses for core spun yarn include sewing thread, socks, and blankets.
Special Yarn: Modal – Modal yarns are known for their brilliant colors, even after many washings. Fabrics made from modal yarn are very moisture absorbent and are often used in terry fabrics, towels and knitwear apparel.
Special Yarn: Melange Yarn – Typically, Melange yarn is a blend of a natural fiber and solution-dyed yarn, but there are mélange yarns composed of polyester-polyester and polyamide-polyamide.